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Since its inception in 2008, Defence Unlimited has delivered unique and exciting self-defence team-building experiences and keynote presentations to private groups, Small to Medium Enterprises and large corporations.


Defence Unlimited is built on 3 service pillars: EDUCATION, EMPOWERMENT and ENGAGEMENT. With these service pillars, the Defence Unlimited programs have been designed in such a way that not only imparts relevant and effective self-defence knowledge and skills to the participants, but also provides a multitude of additional benefits such as mental and physical stimulation; motivational and productivity boosting; and interactive team-building activities. 

The Defence Unlimited programs address general self-defence concerns, as well as customized programs that can cover client-specific topics. Whether it is a 90 minute presentation, or a 12-month engagement, Defence Unlimited’s unique programs are available at various intensity levels to groups both big and small.

The Defence Unlimited’s programs promises to be different from any other training engagement or team-building activity you have ever experienced! Take you and your team to the next level of EDUCATION, EMPOWERMENT and ENGAGEMENT!


For more information on the corporate services we can offer, please contact us directly.  Also, please consider signing up for our newsletter.


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