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Private training for private groups and individuals can be customised to suite your personal safety and self-defence needs.


Some past clients have asked for short self-defence courses to get a better understanding of what they have to deal with.  Some of the more popular short courses are as follows: 

- Introduction to self-defence;

- Hijack Safety and Prevention;

- Dealing With Surprise Attacks;

- Self-Defence Against a Bladed Weapon 

Each quarter, a public workshop is conducted in Johannesburg, South Africa, which will deal with one of these topics or more. 

Although short courses are well-suited for those with limited time to spare, participants are encouraged to consider ongoing self-defence training to re-enforce the skills that are studied.      


Ongoing self-defence training can involve improving of general fitness, skills development and  enhancing the "self-defence attitude"! 

For more information on private training and/or our public workshops, please contact us directly. Also, please consider signing up for our newsletter.


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