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The Defence Unlimited Educational Institutions and School programs are unique & exciting self-defence-based training workshops that are aimed at our young future leaders! Whether it is to educate and empower, or to overcome crime-related fears and frustrations, self-defence training has become a vital life-skill that will benefit both the learner and society! 

We are subjected to more crime and violence now than what any previous generation has ever been subject to. For many, this exposure can be debilitating, and severely hampers their ability to explore their full potential to do great things in their lives. With its 3 service pillars of EDUCATION, EMPOWERMENT and ENGAGEMENT, the Defence Unlimited program instills CONFIDENCE, RESILIENCE and DISCIPLINE, thereby allowing the learners to unlock their potential to experience life to the fullest!

The Defence Unlimited programs are both mentally and physically stimulating and challenges the learner on all matters of self-defence ranging from physical fitness to decision-making capabilities. More importantly, the fun and interactive method in which each training program is delivered ensures that the serious topics of crime and self-defence are practiced in a safe and constructive manner.

For more information on the school programs, please contact us directly.  Also, please consider signing up for our newsletter.


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