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Self-Defence Training and Education for Everyone!

"Self-Defence is a vital life-skill not only to SURVIVE a violent confrontation, but to also to be able to STRIVE in this modern, ever-changing world!" - Warren HO, Founder of Defence Unlimited   

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Defence Unlimited

Defence Unlimited was founded in 2008 by Warren HO, and has since trained thousands of individuals in its unique methodology of self-defence through various corporate engagements, school & education-institution programs, and public and private training sessions for groups and individuals.

In keeping up with the times, Defence Unlimited has also ventured into conducting online self-defence training. 

With over a decade of experience in the self-defence industry, Defence Unlimited has become a trusted advisor and trainer to many individuals and businesses. 

Furthermore, by ensuring that the clients' needs are always addressed, Defence Unlimited consistently delivers effective self-defence solutions.  

Defence Unlimited is a B-BBEE Level 1 Contributor with a 135% Procurement Recognition Score. 


Effective Self-Defence Solutions

By focusing on the clients' requirements, we ensure all solution we put in place are effective ones. Because crime in its many facades is not the most pleasant of subjects, we ensure that any training we do is done in a way that is both interactive and positively engaging, thereby improving the retention rate of the self-defence knowledge and skills by each participant.   

A Holistic Self-Defence Approach   

Our approach to self-defence is to address the physical, mental and emotional aspects of each client and/or individual. We utilizing theories and practices from martial arts, combative arts, fitness methodologies, healing modalities,  and various self / personal development methods.  

Reality-Based Self-Defence Experience

As a company born in the crime-ridden society of South Africa, our training and experience for the last 12 years has had to be on real-world situations, ranging from hijackings, home-invasions, office-invasions, robbery & assaults, attempted rapes and attempted murder. IEach training engagement is done in context of these issue, in an attempt to empower the participants against them.



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