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Pressure Points for Self-Defence and Health

Pressure points for self-defence

"Pressure points" has been a term used in many martial arts circles and is often described as "being a bit out there", unbelievable, and even fake! It conjures up images of the "death touch" (or dim mak), or in the case of Quentin Tarantino’s movie Kill Bill 2, the "The Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique"!

When used in in a "self-defence" context, it become even more controversial. "It won't work" or "it will get you killed", have been common remarks.

However, let's use a different and less loaded term then: Instead of "pressure points for self-defence", let us rather use the term, "efficiency in self-defence". With this term, it conveys an idea that should we need to engage physically in a self-defence situation, let's do so that will cause maximum damage with the least amount of effort. Efficiency conveys the idea that the way we do things should produce the best results with what we have. This is the study of the "science" behind self-defence and is exactly what pressure points, or the study of the human body will allow us to do.

Acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology and massages all work on the idea of stimulating certain areas of the body to make it feel good (or better). Therefore, should it not also then be possible to use these same areas in the body and stimulating it "negatively" will cause it to feel bad? This again is to further endorse using pressure points for self-defence.

In the forthcoming workshop, we will focus on stimulating the body in a negative way for self-defence purposes, thereby making our self-defence action more efficient. Thereafter, we will also learn how to positively stimulate the body to restore it to good health again!

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