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Defence Unlimited's New Revamped Website for Self-Defence Training and Education

Defence Unlimited has a new look and feel on its website and mobile site via

The new Defence Unlimited website has added security features, is visually appealing; and provides relevant self-defence information.

Since 2008, a Johannesburg South African-based company, Defence Unlimited, has had a number of website iterations. As with all websites, the website had to evolve as the company and the company's service offerings began to evolve.

Many of those website iterations had become outdated, been attempted hack, been hacked, or just plain difficult to maintain The last website was being hosted by another domain,

However, with the advancements of website development and security, this new website is build on a new technology platform that will ensure it is more difficult to hack; has a visual appeal when being viewed online via a desktop, tablet or mobile phone; and is functional, capable of providing a prospective client the relevant self-defence information they require.

Furthermore, the new blog section of the website will allow up to post valuable and relevant self-defence-specific posts in future, so please do come back and check it out!

Please visit our new website and provide us with any positive feedback, constructive comments, suggestions or criticism.

Lastly, for regular updates on courses, new blog posts and other information, please feel free to sign up for our newsletters (link is below in the footer section), and subscribe to our social media handles:

Instagram: (@defenceunlimited)

Till next time, stay safe out there.

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