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What is GBV?....Tackling GBV with Noleen Ilunga Muleya and Warren Ho

"What is GBV?" In part 1 of this interview with Noleen, I ask her to define what GBV is. As part of the SA Women's Month initiatives, Warren Ho of DEFENCE UNLIMITED had interviewed Noleen Ilunga Muleya on 7 August 2020.

Noleen is an activist for the elevation of woman in the workplace and an advocate for creating greater social awareness of Gender Based Violence (GBV). With the CoVid pandemic, the number of cases logged due to GBV soared.

Noleen and her team started seeing daily cases with high levels severity. Due to the amazing people that make up her network, she was able to reach a larger audience and offer pro bono legal, medical and psychological advice to victims and the families of GBV. Noleen works closely with other GBV groups in SA and they leverage off each other to assist victims in a timeous manner in the strictest of confidence.

In a nutshell, Gender Based Violence (GBV) is violence or abuse against a particular gender. Both men and women can be subjected to GBV, but lately there has been more focus on women who are affected by GBV.

The most visible form of GMV can be physical and/or sexual abuse, but GBV can also be in the form of emotional, psychological and even financial abuse .

Noleen's organisation, Warriors of Light, offer help to those victims of GBV. Get it touch with Noleen either via:

1. Facebook:

2. WhatsApp: +27 615489632

3. Email:

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